New York Sour Diesel

New York Sour Diesel


Type: Indica

NYC Sour Diesel is a 60% sativa-dominant cross between Mexican and Afghani landraces. This strain provides strong cerebral effects that ease into a deep, full-body relaxation over time. A pungent lime and grapefruit aroma is the mark of a high quality batch, like those that won this strain five Cannabis Cup trophies in the early 2000s. NYC Diesel’s happy, talkative qualities make this hybrid a good choice for social activities and many anxiety-prone consumers praise it for its paranoia-free effects.

Top 3 Terpines:

  1. B-Myrcene - Anti-inflammatory, sedative, muscle relaxant, pain relief.

  2. B-Caryophyllene - Pain relief, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety

  3. Limonene - Improves mood, anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, relieves nausea

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