States Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

by | Mar 9, 2022 | Information

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Last year was a big year for the Cannabis industry with many cannabis reforms and the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada. Many experts predict that 2019 will be another great year in terms of cannabis reform in the United States.

Currently, ten states are considering legalizing recreational marijuana, while more than 30 states have passed medical marijuana laws. With the current trend in marijuana legalization, many people are waiting for the next state to make a move on marijuana legalization. In this article, we have come up with a list of potential states that are likely to legalize marijuana recreationally.


New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo was a marijuana critic, but he changed his stance on cannabis in 2018. This was because the New York Department of Health realized that the benefits of a regulated marijuana market in the state.

In December 2018, Governor Cuomo stated that his primary objective of 2019 would be marijuana legalization. Cuomo said that the state would consider legalizing recreational marijuana once and for all. He also said that marijuana prohibition has increased crime rates among minorities in the state. According to Cuomo, unnecessary and unfair criminal convictions surrounding cannabis has to stop.

Officials in New York are already working on the bill to legalize the use of recreational cannabis. Many people are hopeful that this reform will be successful.



The Governor-elect of Illinois J.B. Pritzker promised to legalize marijuana during his campaign. According to him, the revenue from the sale of marijuana will be used to pay for the states infrastructural project and also pay the state’s budget deficit. According to a report from NPR Illinois, Pritzker has already discussed with lawmakers about the legalization bill.

Pritzker said that Illinois has the potential to be the first state in the Midwest to legalize marijuana and the lawmakers are working hard so that it can happen. Marijuana legalization will be among the main initiatives brought forward during the Illinois General Assembly. According to a 2018 report, the state of Illinois could gain billions in economic benefit from legalization. Although that’s not certain, people are hoping for successful legalization.


New Jersey

Last year the state of New Jersey faced a lot of issues when trying to pass laws relating to the legalization of recreational marijuana. However, the public is hoping that the bill will be successful in 2019. New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy promised to legalize since he was elected, but he has struggled to get the lawmakers on his side.

The main reason for the delay is due to taxes. The ideas of the Lawmakers and the Governor are different. But both the Governor and the lawmakers are set to agree early in the new session. Interestingly, there’s a possibility that New Jersey will become the first state to legalize marijuana in 2019.


Other Candidates

Multiple states have set their eyes on marijuana reform in 2019. According to analysts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota have a chance of legalizing cannabis. Some states will also surprise many people by reforming their laws while some will continue with prohibition. But we all anticipate an excellent year for the marijuana industry.

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