Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

There are many ways to consume cannabis for its effects. These methods include smoking, vaping, topical application, dabbing and more. In this article, we have analyzed some of the most common techniques available for dosing and ingesting cannabis.


In late 1800 to the early 1900s cannabis-based tinctures were a standard medicine in the United States. Tinctures come in different dosages and formulations. Tinctures are ingested sublingually so that the cannabinoids move directly into your bloodstream.

Full Spectrum Oil (aka RSO Oil)

Full Spectrum THC oil was named after cannabis advocate Rick Simpson who was known for his efforts to preach the healing abilities of cannabis after using a domestic oil for the treatment of his cancer. The formula used by Rick Simpson has been updated by different companies, resulting in high THC and CBD variations available in many sets. Patients are recommended to start with a small amount of full spectrum oil before gradually increasing their dosage in due time.


Ayurvedic practitioners had a reputation for using cannabis-enriched lotions, balms, salves and several mixtures for centuries. When you use cannabis oil on your skin, your skin becomes more robust.


Dabbing is the modern way of consuming cannabis, and it goes with high tolerance users only. The term dabbing refers to heating a considerable amount of marijuana concentrate with a titanium nail with a blowtorch, which results in combustion. A dab can also be called wax and involves smoking, or vaping of cannabis concentrates. To vape concentrates, you'll have to purchase a touch nail, a pen vape ora mod with a tank made for concentrates.


Another standard method of cannabis consumption is by smoking the dried flower from the cannabis plant through a pipe, bong, or joint. The multiple effects which result after inhalation occur very quickly and deliver the cannabinoids to your system with maximum effectiveness. This is the most common method of consuming cannabis because you start feeling the effects immediately after the first draw.


Vaping is a smokeless and active form of inhalation. Vaporizers are meant to heat the cannabis plant matter (or its oil) to a temperature that pushes trichomes away from the plant into the vapors. Vape pens and mods are presently accessible with cartridges which can be utilized just once. These vape pens are likewise made to accommodate dry herbs, oils, and different concentrates. Vape pens are preferable than joints because of their portability, and it additionally furnishes clients with a decent aroma as opposed to joints.


Since the 1960s, cannabis edibles gained popularity in the United States. The cannabinoids go through the liver before reaching the cells, thus transforming THC into a more powerful compound. Edibles can come in several forms, such as can drinks, snacks, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, and mints.

In conclusion, everybody has a superior method of consuming cannabis, and in this article, we listed the most common ways of consuming marijuana. A few methods have probably been left out, but we have analyzed the popular ones. Have you tried any? If yes then what’s your favorite?

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